The Business Starter Kit

+ build your online business from scratch this month for under $200 +


+ available October 1st +



By far the most frequently asked question I get is, “How do you start a business? How did you know what to do?” The real answer is that I didn’t know but I figured it out the hard way through lots of google searches (What is an LLC???), asking friends (Can I pick your brain again for a second?), and trial and error (Whoops! That didn’t work!). Almost two years later I have a thriving online, service-based, business generating five figure months with zero debt and I only work 4 days a week! It’s certainly not magic and it does require focus but I want to take the stress out of getting started for you so you can jump in and start making money without bugging your best friend’s sister for the tenth time about how she made her own website last year.

I started my business in one week-end by listing out my services, creating a website, choosing a name, and diving into social media to share what I was up to! That’s it. Truly! I bought business cards later. I filed for an LLC later. I purchased fancy photos later. I created this course to save you all the drama and help you check everything off your list efficiently and quickly and get started gathering profits $$$

Here are the 9 things you’ll need to invest in over the next 30 days to get started:

  • One month of a Squarespace subscription (aka: new website): $30

  • A domain (web address) of your own: $20

  • A Squarespace newsletter subscription to send client emails: $9

  • A one-month Canva subscription to create beautiful ads: $20

  • Applying for your LLC: $100

  • A business checking account: FREE

  • Gmail (google calendar, email, docs, & sheets): FREE

  • Honeybook: $34 per month but half off with the code: MEGAN367 | $17

  • FB & IG business accounts: FREE

    Approximate Total: $199


This video course will teach you how to do & use each of the things in the above list so you can be a valid, functioning, money-making business in no time! Go from no clue to totally ready to go in 30 days.