You're Probably A Feminist.


Definition of feminism: "(noun) The idea that women and men should have equal legal and political rights, sexual autonomy, and self-determination (agency). (noun) A social movement that advocates for economic, political, and social equality between women and men."

Do you agree with the above statement? If so, then you, my friend, are a feminist.

I'm constantly surprised by how many women reject identification with this term by saying something like, "But I don't hate men!" Do you know that feminism has nothing to do with man hating? It's true! Some people would love for you to believe otherwise and demonize feminists by calling them "angry, bra burning, man haters" but that's a caricature. That's not actual feminism. It's similar to people who characterize Christians as being "Bible thumping, holier-than-thou, conservatives"... that definition may work for a select few but it's not a fair representation of all Christians or even most of them.

I LOVE kind, loving, respectful men. I have many in my life - including my husband and my son. I believe, however, that (in general) men have run the world since the beginning of time and that power has often been used to oppress people without the same power. Much of that has been unintentional in my opinion but a hell of a lot of it has been intentional and fear-based.

Now that the tides are slowly shifting and women are gaining more equality and greater power in our society (college degrees, more money, more women in politics, etc.) we are often seen by the oppressor as a threat. This is super normal. When the power has been SO unequal for SO long, it probably feels terrifying to some that the playing field is becoming more equal. It feels like a loss of power to see others gaining.

Here's the thing though, my loves, WE CAN SHARE THE POWER. There's enough to go around. We don't have to actively or accidentally oppress people to stay on top. We can all get educated. We can all make money. We can all have a voice.

Me having more does not mean you have less.

I think it’s important to remember that in all areas of our lives. We are not altruistic by passing up opportunities, asking for less, doing it for free, playing small… It just doesn’t work that way. You will not be rewarded for letting others step into their purpose while you clock in and out in your life (metaphorically). We are ALL worthy of work that brings us joy. We are ALL worthy of using our voice to create change. We are ALL worthy of voting and being politically active. We are ALL allowed to worship or not in the ways that we like. All of us. Man, woman… everyone.

And we should all be feminists because being a feminist means supporting that equality. That’s it. That’s all it means. It means, “I believe in equality between the sexes.” Done. And if that disturbs you or makes you cringe in some way then you support oppression. Those are your two choices: support equality or support oppression. We don’t get to walk the line.

Not anymore.



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Meg Witt