Your Business Owes You.


You know I’m all things money, money, money these days and you probably also know how unpopular that topic can be! It’s often on the list with politics, religion, sex, and how you really feel about your mother-in-law in terms of “topics I would rather not discuss”.

The truly interesting thing about that is that our feelings about money are often the VERY thing getting in the way of us making more money! I would submit to you that making money starts with loving money. If you feel resistance to the topic or if you get tense in your shoulders when you think about it… or your stomach drops… or you want to hide… then it’s really no surprise that you perpetuate disempowerment around your finances. The energy you are sharing with the world is, “LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT IT!”

Welp. If you know me at all, then you know I’m not afraid to dive into taboo topics! Money is my new favorite one… especially now that I understand how many women feel frustrated by it. I’m determined to help us all change that narrative and I believe it starts with changing our thoughts.

If you have thoughts like:

+ That’s expensive (every time you are presented with something fabulous)

+ I never have enough (when you look at your bank account)

+ I can’t pay myself yet (there’ snot enough)

+ Making lots of money is hard work

+ I don’t know what I’m doing with money

+ Numbers and spreadsheets stress me out

then YOU ARE NOT ALONE! You are also very likely not making money or not paying yourself enough. People who make money tend to love money! I know, I know… It’s not popular to say out loud but I DON’T CARE! Money can represent freedom, autonomy, travel, living debt free, having fun, taking care of your family and so much more! Money can be FUN!

If you’ve never had money or if money always had negativity associated with it in some way then you have a whole lifetime of proof that money is NOT fun. When we have proof of something then we tend to believe it firmly.

Step ONE: create new proof!

Let’s start with a thought we can choose and practice to shift our mindset such as: Money is FUN!

Now let’s create and look for proof that it’s true. Try this exercise throughout the week. Notice how when you sell something it feels really joyful. Notice how sharing your passion with the world lights you up! Notice how when you find $5 in your coat pocket you are delighted. Notice how a lovely gift makes you smile. Notice how when you buy yourself a cappuccino or other treat you feel relaxed. Just notice. Pay attention to any time money brings you joy and feels good and then remind yourself of our mantra: Money is fun. It will take some time and practice but, ultimately, we can shift old money mindsets by practicing new ones and then finding the proof we need to start believing it!

As an aside: if you aren’t paying yourself yet… do it now! Even if it’s $100 a month at first, you need to treat yourself like an asset and invest in yourself!!! Take actual money from your business and pay yourself first. FIRST! Before anything else!!! I know that’s not what your coach told you to do… or that killer podcast you listened to last week… but I’m telling you: do it! Your business owes you. Paying yourself will allow you to feel joy connected to the income in your business rather than only looking at money as a stressful, scarce, commodity that keeps going out, out, out!

ONE BIG TIP: If you are not making or paying yourself what you want to be yet then I have a tip that you can practice right away (report back!). The tip is this: HIRE SOMEONE. I know that’s super counter-intuitive, but if you hire a coach or a part-time support person then you will spend your precious time more efficiently and you’ll start to ACT like the boss you are! You’ll likely be surprised to find more money coming your way as you focus on the things that matter without getting so caught up in the details.

Every time I spend money on my business I make more money.

It’s actually so bizarre but I have to be honest with you… that’s how it works! We grip the small amount we have with so much ferocity and wonder why it’s not expanding. In order to live in greater abundance and freedom you have to invest in your business quickly and frequently and sooner then you will feel ready! Stop gripping those dollars and start kissing them good-bye because the more you do that (in strategic & thoughtful ways), the more will boomerang right back to you. Paying yourself is part of that investment but so is hiring people to help and so is paying for education, coaching, and mentorship.

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Meg Witt