It's My Birthday, So Why Not?

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I’m not good at money.

I HATE talking about money.

Number stress me out.

Finances just aren’t for me.

Would you believe me if I told you I 100% used to feel the same way? What changed? I dove in. I dove in and made it work for my brain in a way that it never had before. It involved:

1) Understanding the terms

2) Creating relevant spreadsheets that were simple and easy-to-use

3) Color coding everything so it was pretty to look at and spoke to my visual mind

4) Using pretty fonts that were clear

5) Putting in goals that I was excited to work towards and that didn’t seem “pie in the sky” or “too easy” (there’s an art to this!)

After I did that work and started checking in with my numbers each week for 10-20 minutes I realized it was actually pretty fun! I was watching my numbers GROW! Sometimes I didn’t reach my goals. Sometimes I exceeded them. No matter that though, I knew where I was and I knew where I was going and THAT is what made all the difference.

I was suddenly approaching money with power and not with fear.

You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed by money or aren’t yet reaching your financial goals. Let me help you lay it out in a way that motivates you and teach you how to efficiently strategize so you meet your goals more often than not! The PERFECT way to do this is by joining my January money-making mastermind: The Profit Project. It’s 12 weeks of diving in so you come out the other end with $$$ in your eyes! :-) TODAY ONLY your deposit is HALF OFF!

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