Train Your Brain.


In 2012 or 2013 (I can’t remember which), I taught a class at Cleveland Yoga called “The Freedom Sessions” and it was based on the idea that we can question our thoughts and replace them with more powerful ones and then PRACTICE the new ones. In doing so we have the power to slowly (partially) master our thinking. I taught this because several years prior I had read a book that I found on my boyfriend’s shelf by Byron Katie and it was transformational for me. I think the year was 2009. The book was called, “I Need Your Love - Is That True?”. I didn’t understand the title but it intrigued me so I dove in.




I then devoured anything I could by the author, Byron Katie. My favorite of hers is “Loving What Is”. As an entrepreneur I think I’ve taken for granted the fact that my thought-training is common sense and everyone does it. I remember saying to someone once, “I don’t want to do life-coaching. I want to do BUSINESS coaching. I don’t want to teach people how to think.” I’m laughing at myself a little bit now because there’s really no way around the fact that I have to teach people how to think in order for them to get great at business. The two are intertwined in a way where one (your thoughts) begets the other (your powerful business). You can’t separate them. By ignoring this foundational framework I have skipped a step for some of my clients and I’m totally present to that now, as I sit here writing this.

First things first: understand the power you have over the quality of your thoughts. Next, learn how to choose more powerful thoughts. Step three: Learn to practice more powerful thoughts. Step four: Allow yourself to be in this discomfort and growth and watch as you evolve.

If you let your brain do it’s thing and believe every thought you have then you, my love, are in for a wild, wild, rollercoaster of a ride through life where you do the bare minimum, don’t achieve anything profound, feel consumed with loneliness and self-loathing, and fear… and so much more. In short: you’ll play a very small game.

If you want to be up to big, giant, shimmering, terrifyingly beautiful things then you’ll need to teach your brain to allow that to happen.

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Topic: Train Your Brain!

Meg Witt