Asset or Liability?

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Obviously we all want to think we’re an asset to the people around us…

+ Our peers think we’re so cool & want to collaborate! They’re lucky to partner with us on things!

+ Our coaches and mentors need us! We support their business. We kind of teach them truthfully!

+ We are 100% an asset to our clients! They couldn’t do it without us! They are lost without us!

And so on and so forth.

Have you ever heard that oft repeated truth, “Everyone is replaceable” and thought, “Well, yeah. But not me….”??? I DEFINITELY have!

I absolutely adore a woman with confidence. She knows her value and she stands up for herself. I am absolutely irritated by people who think they have way more value in the marketplace then they actually do at any given time. Why? Because it’s cocky. And assuming. And they don’t have the goods (yet) to back it up. It feels out of integrity, to be honest.

I was watching a video clip yesterday on Gary V.’s IG page about how people always ask him, “Is it (insert whatever) worth my time?” He’s like, “Well, it depends. Do you have a business right now?” The response, more often then not, is “No…” or “Yes, but it’s not doing great…” Gary’s response: “Then your time is worth zero! So yes; it’s worth your time!” This pretty much sums up my philosophy when you’re getting started in business: you are worth what you bring to the table! If you aren’t bringing anything yet, then you aren’t worth much. If you’re bring stuff but it’s ok sometimes then you’re worth a little. If you’re bringing stuff and it’s good most of the time then you’re worth more. If you’re brining stuff and you’re DEAD ON 99.9% of the time then you’re worth A TON and you can, in turn, charge a ton to your dream client who highly values and needs what you bring!

Here’s when you’re worth a lot:

  • When you’ve been doing something well for a long time

  • When you have a crazy amazing skill or service or product that someone NEEDS

  • When you’re super creative

  • When you show up consistently, bravely, and EXCELLENTLY

  • When others say you’re great! (a lot of others!)

  • When you’re a pleasure to work with

  • When you’re flexible and open-minded

  • When you communicate well

In some cases, you’re not actually an asset at all but you think you are. In fact, in those cases, you’re a liability! I was in conversation with a couple of people last year who were saying how someone else should really appreciate the chance to work with them. I had to hide my smile. These people are, in fact, really, really, REALLY difficult people to work with who aren’t actually making very much money doing what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Sadly, they seem pretty unaware of the fact that most people in their community (peers, clients, etc.) share this feeling about them and I’m not sure they get it… AT ALL. They go around assuming they offer tremendous value and they’re offended when they don’t get it. I’ve seen it in action more than once. They are frequently a liability to those they work with because of the drama, the inconsistency, the time taken up in managing them, and more! This was the case 10 years ago when I spoke with these two loves and this is the case a year ago when I spoke with these two loves. Thy are LOVELY but they are also a liability and not an asset to the people they think they’re an asset to.

How does this apply for US?

  1. Are YOU most frequently an asset (and if so, how much?) or a liability to those around you?

  2. Do you have people working for or with you who are a liability and you’re making excuses (or they are) insisting they're an asset so you’re not getting into action?

Getting honest with ourselves about who we are and how much our products or services are for others requires rigorous honesty and integrity. When we do this work then we can grow from there. The sky is the limit! When we do this work on those who are wanting to collaborate with or work with us then we can make informed and wise decisions about what to say yes and no to. When someone wants to collaborate with me I ask myself, “Are they getting more out of this than I am?” If the answer is “Maybe” then that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t work with them. I may have other reasons for the collaboration such as wanting to support another business or person I love or believe in. Having said that, I’m going to make that choice with all of the information presented to me. I don’t just say “yes” because someone asks. I don’t keep working with someone if it’s not working. I don’t continue with a client if they’re bringing me down… and so on.

Clear the clutter. Ask yourself the tough questions and then get into action. BE AN ASSET! Bring the best of yourself forward immediately and then make that “best” better with each day that passes. Grow your value.


Meg Witt