Be A Pleasure.

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In Jaclyn Johnson’s new book, “Work Party” she talks about one of her fundamental rules of business success: BE A FUCKING PLEASURE TO WORK WITH. I highlighted it and couldn’t get it out of my head for the following month. It’s so obvious, right? If it’s so obvious though then how come so few people are an actual pleasure to work with???

More often than not (sadly) I work with people in other fields who do the bare minimum, blame others for their mistakes or failures, refuse to take personal responsibility, and waste precious time in petty feuds. It’s disheartening and reminds me again and again that while ANYTHING is possible, it’s not necessarily possible for EVERYONE because we get in our own way!

This idea of getting in your own way shows up when you do things like:

  • forget to say thank you

  • forget to follow up

  • act grumpy consistently

  • complain non-stop about how much you’re working (no one cares)

  • pretend you have all of the answers

  • don’t allow the people around you to be human

  • demand perfection

  • blame clients rather than owning your own shit

  • expecting the moon but not being willing to work for the moon

  • & so.much.more.

If you own a small business then you and you alone are responsible for making it work. Not your clients. Not your contractors. Not Instagram. Not your partner. Not your business coach. YOU are responsible for doing the work every single day. Consistently. And with love. And with kindness. And a smile. And a hug.

If you are just “ok” then you will stay stagnant forever. If you are FANTASTIC again and again then you will grow beyond your wildest dreams. Ask yourself this question for a reality check: “Are my clients obsessed with me? Do they refer me constantly and give me excellent reviews and hire me for more after our first time working together?” If the answer is “SOME do…” or “Maybe…” or “I’m not sure really…” then you have work to do.

It should be resoundingly obvious to you 24/7 that your work is excellent and that people GET IT and WANT IT. Not all of your clients will feel this way, of course, but the majority should. Your positive percentage should far outweigh the negative. The larger group of clients you work with, the larger group of disgruntled people you’ll have but the larger fan club you’ll have too! If you have 10 clients at any given time then 8 of them should be raving fans who are promoting you. If you have 40 then 32 should be! This is, of course, not a perfect science, but when you look at the NPS (net promoter score) you’ll want your clients to give you a 9 or a 10 when you ask them, “On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with my services overall?” and also a 9 or a 10 on “On a scale from 1-10 how likely are you to recommend me to others?” In other words, 7’s and 8’s are passive. Those people won’t grow your business. 1-6 are detractors. They are actually negatively talking about your business, believe it or not. (head explodes emoji!)

It’s impossible to have 100% happy customers but we can work to be a pleasure to work with 24/7 and hold up our end of the deal in being generous, kind, listening, patient, and going above and beyond. This will, in turn, create those rave reviews you’re looking for but also (and way more importantly) those promoters who will give you the 9’s and 10’s and shout from the rooftops about what a badass you are!

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Love you, beauties! Soak up the sun!



Meg Witt