Dreams To Dollars.

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When you have something you love that you do… baking cupcakes, selling clothing, teaching yoga, coaching people on nutrition… WHATEVER it is… you want to spend all of your time doing it. You want to quit your job and do THAT ONE THING all the time. You’re good at it. You’re in love with it. Is it possible (oh-god-I-hope-it-is) to make money doing it???

Here’s what’s going through your mind:

Am I good enough?

Would anyone pay me?

There are so many people doing it already!

I’m not good at sales.

Do I have to learn tech?

Where do I start?

How do I take it to the next level (if you already started)?

Is it a good idea???

Can I support myself doing this?

The answer to these questions is a simple YES! You are good enough. People will pay you. You have to learn tech. It’s a good idea. You can support yourself doing it.

You can probably do it faster than you think too! I replaced my day job income in 3 quick months! I more than doubled my income in one year.

I know if feels overwhelming to consider the HOW of it all, so I created a program to walk you through it step by step. It’s called The Biz Course and it’s a work-at-your-own-pace video course covering 6 modules with 36 lessons total!

Here are the SIX areas you need to focus on to grow:

ONE: The Audacious Audit (Go through every area of your business and figure out what’s working and what’s not)

TWO: Pink Sky Dreams (This is where you get into radical creation! What do you want? Let’s get clear.)

THREE: Messiful Action (What are the steps you need to take from HERE to THERE? Let’s break it down.)

FOUR: Money Honey (Marketing, sales, strategy, finances… let’s dive into the money, honey!)

FIVE: Rave Reviews (Five star customer service, how to do above and beyond, and collecting killer reviews.)

SIX: Smooth Operator (Sexy systems that work! Manage your business like the badass boss you are.)

Getting a business degree is crazy expensive ($30,000 or more!). Joining a mastermind is crazy expensive ($20,000 or more!). Hiring a business coach can even be expensive ($200 + an hour!). You don’t have to do ANY of that to get started making money. You just have to figure out your niche, get your ducks in a row, and SELL with power.

I can teach you that!

My “one gift” - the thing I’m best at - is helping women profit! I am slowly focusing my business on being a profit coach and that.is.it. That is where I have the most impact and where I see the biggest results. If you want to take your business idea or existing small business to a profitable place this year, then let’s get started. It doesn’t have to take years. It doesn’t have to cost thousands. The Biz Course will get you started on the right path in days.

It launches in 2 weeks on July 1st and is only $800 but TODAY ONLY is half off for the first 4 people to inquire!

You can’t afford not to.

When I started Upspeak a year and a half ago I made $280 measly bucks the first month but I was so proud of myself! A few months later I made over $5,000. A few months after that I made over $9,000. A few months after that I made over $19,000. It all happened in ONE wild year!

Sales has always been the thing I’m best at but when I realized helping women PROFIT was my favorite work, then I understood that I could use my sales skills to support entrepreneurs in re-arranging their priorities and focusing on the right work to get profitable rather than spinning their wheels. That is now the focus of everything I do at Upspeak and the bottom line of The Biz Course.

Let’s turn your dream into dollars.



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