Hold Up.

Wait, wait, wait. Hold up…

Meg, I love you and all, but what makes you an expert at any of this business stuff? Great question! I’m not sure I would call myself an expert (weird to do that, right???) but I do believe I have a unique set of skills that allows me to see things as they are within business and identify where the gaps & opportunities exist. I’ve worked in various management roles for the past 15 years with both large corporations like lululemon and Starbucks and smaller, local businesses like Cleveland Yoga and The Cleveland Flea. In my time within these various roles I’ve gathered information about how people run their businesses to become and remain successful. I’ve learned a TON about team building, customer services, visual displays, marketing, sales, back-end systems and organization, inventory, goal-setting, progress tracking, and so much more. In addition, I have a degree in Organizational Management. Having said that, I think the thing that supports my experience the most is this past 13 months founding and growing The Upspeak Collective where we have supported upwards of 70+ business women in a variety of ways including web design, brand photography, social media, logo creation, systems training, visuals, finances & more. We are in the business of small business and it’s our very favorite thing to dive into!


  • is just over 1 year old

  • has been profitable almost from the start

  • pays a team of independent contractors (4 consistently and many more occasionally)

  • has zero debt

  • is insanely organized & efficient (we have a platform & system for everything!)

  • consistently sells out programs & has waitlists for our services

NONE of this is magic. It is a set of really basic principles mixed with passion & dedication & we can teach it to YOU too! If you're looking for help starting, growing, or evolving your business, then Upspeak is your bestie. Let’s chat! Schedule a free Clarity Call by clicking the link below. No question is too small and we have something for everyone.



Meg Witt