cov·en - noun: a group or gathering of witches (aka: powerful, magical beings) who meet regularly

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting with 4 powerful women at the beach to do a photoshoot for my new t-shirts (grab one here!!!) and as the clouds rolled in and the sky began to threaten rain, we marched forward snapping fast photos and getting the job done with joy like the sisterhood we are.

Meet the lineup: 

1. Tessa Greene who works for The Upspeak Collective part time and finds her full-time job at The Rape Crisis Center. 

2. Krista Jordan who happens to be a new business partner of mine in a fun venture we're not quite ready to announce yet but that I CAN'T WAIT TO GET STARTED ON! Krista, btw, is pregnant with a baby girl named, Liv.

3. Amy Basha Conetsco who I worked with at lululemon athletica many moons ago and who manages the west side store to this day.

4. Annie Newton who is a mom of 2 adorable little ones and whom I also used to work with at lululemon. Currently she's formulating ideas for a new business and works as a stylist on the side.

When women gather to support each other - magical things ensue. I'm surrounded every day by selfishness, greed, and territorial attitudes masked as "protecting my business". At the end of the day, the more we give, the more we share, the more we promote and support and gather... the more we ALL benefit. There's enough room in this city for all of us. Over the years I've had people blatantly "steal" ideas I've had and call them their own. I've had people take inspiration from what I'm doing and do much bigger things then I was capable of at the time. I've seen it all - truly. And I always have this pep talk with myself: "Meg, you are YOU and that is enough. Also, it's the one thing no one can take away from you." You can take photos that look like mine. You can offer services identical to mine. You can copy my aesthetic... but you can never be me. This goes for all of us and it's a beautiful reminder when we feel vulnerable and scared to open up. People can't replicate you. Never, ever, ever. You are you and they are them and there's room for all of us at the table. 


We can be inspired by each other and we can grow because of each other's support. The truth is, as the Bible reminds us, "There is nothing new under the sun". There's usually someone, somewhere, who's doing something similar. Musicians will tell you this. They are inspired by everyone who went before them. Creatives in general will inspire and be inspired on a daily basis and there's no use getting bent out of shape or overly protective. This is not the kind of women we want to be. We want to be the ones who say, "Come on over! I have a place for you here!" as we open our arms wide. We want to hold hands and march forward. We want to say, "AMAZING job on that! I love what you did there!" We want to say, "Wow! You're nailing it." THAT is who we want to be.

If you agree, then grab a t-shirt from the shop and speak up about the things that matter to you and support your local "coven". 



Meg Witt