I Can't Afford You


4 little words I've heard more in the past 6 month then I have ever in my life: I can't afford you.

In some cases this is 100% true and actually means, "If I pay for your services then I literally will not be able to put food on the table next week". In many more cases, it means:

  • I'm not ready for this yet
  • I have other expenses that are taking priority currently
  • I'm not 100% on board with what you're offering/I'm a little skeptical still
  • Investing in my business in these ways is not something I think will actually "work" (i.e. make me money)

We all do it. We all say, "I can't afford it". We just say it about different things.

"I can't afford to go back to school."

"I can't afford to get my nails done."

"I can't afford to shop at Whole Foods."

"I can't afford to live on my own (without a roommate)."

"I can't afford a dog."

What's interesting is that those same comments are often followed by actions that reveal we CAN:

+ afford an upgraded car.

+ a new dye job.

+ a meal at our favorite restaurant.

+ a gym membership. 

+ two cats.

In other word, we can afford things that are similar or even, in some cases, almost equivalent. How can that be the case? It's a case of PRIORITIES. We prioritize the things that matter to us in the moment. It's human nature. We don't blink at spending $5 a day at Starbucks without thinking that it costs us $150 a month to do so. When an item we actually NEED to support our business or our lives has a price tag of $150 we say, "I CAN'T AFFORD THAT!"

We refuse to pack a lunch for work every day and, instead, spend anywhere from $8-$15 every time we're hungry. This adds up to a whopping $240-$450 a month but we consider it a "necessity". A $450 service that we don't see as immediately important is WAY outside of what we perceive as reasonable - even if it could be a game changer longterm.

The list goes on and on. I'm no stranger to this myself. I've spent my entire adult life declaring "I can't afford fancy vacations" but throw money away at Target on unnecessary purchases (along with a few necessities) almost every time I'm there. It adds up to hundreds of dollars a month that could certainly be saved in a travel fund resulting in a trip to almost anywhere I want to go! When I sit with this realization I have to get real with myself and acknowledge that my "I can't afford it" mantra is a made up excuse for not investing in something that matters. Sure, you may have to save for it, but in a matter of months you would have hundreds (if not thousands) to invest where it will give back to you the greatest impact on your quality of life: education, business growth, and enriching experiences.

The amazing Tessa Greene who works for The Upspeak Collective shared a website with me the other day that I can't stop obsessing over. It's called The Financial Diet. Have you heard of it?

It's jam packed with incredible advice on how to take care of the income you have and plan for the future in a way that make sense and feels attainable. If you're at all like me and avoid conversations about money at all costs then you're probably putting visiting The Financial Diet website in the "Good to know/Maybe later" category along with scheduling your next physical. I PROMISE YOU it is worth your time and is actually super fun. Give it a go!

Having said that, I want YOU to know that if money is the thing stopping you from working with The Upspeak Collective to overcome your business hurdles then you are not alone and there is a solution. Fill out the form below and tell me what your budget is (whether it's $75 or $600 - or more or less) and I'll figure out a plan to work with you that makes sense for both of us. My packages as listed on the website under "services" are meant to be easy for people to grab as needed but they don't work for everyone. I can customize what I offer so that you can begin your journey towards growth one step at a time and in a way that feels attainable.

Make your business dream a priority. I will if you do. Oh! And all my services are 25% off through May 31st right now too. I mean - I love you, so yea. Whatever we agree to in terms of a payment plan - I'll knock off 25% if you make it happen within the next week.



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