Sprinkle Pool


When I was in Miami I went to a magical place called The Museum of Ice Cream. I went by myself & as I wondered from floor to floor I took in one fabulous site after another. There were mini ice cream sundaes topped with pink cherries on conveyor belts. There was A POOL FULL OF SPRINKLES. (sorry for shouting). There were large 4’ tall ice cream cone wind-up windmills. There were swings made of banana bunches. For someone like me, it was basically paradise. By “someone like me” I mean someone who lives for the design details & joy filled moments. Someone who’s heart breaks when things are too beautiful to take. Someone who’s been a dreamer for as long as I can remember. Someone who appreciates art & aesthetics a tiny bit more than many of the people around me. It was glorious. So were the palm trees & sunny skies & perfect-shade-of-blue waves.

You know what else is glorious? Realizing what you’re meant to do & mustering up as much bravery as you can to finally do it.

In three short weeks I will be embarking on my newest adventure: being a full-time business owner. I'll be transitioning out of my current job and into the great unknown. This move has been a long time coming in many ways (even if I didn't know it fully!), but about a year ago I really began to tap into my inner voice and listen to what I wanted. That voice was saying with total clarity: create your dream job.

Creating my dream job took some time.

I began by feeling very overwhelmed by how many ideas I had. I could do this! I could do that! I could do all of the things! It took some time to start to narrow down my actual passions, interests and skills into a possible THING that made sense. I have a degree in Organizational Business. I have many years of management experience. I have retail and visual display experience. I have buying experience. I am a yoga teacher. How do all of these things add up to an actual job title??? It took some time and a lot of playing around, but I think I figured it out... at least for now. After that step came the "working up the courage" step. I had to take some time to sit with it. I had to think thoughts like, "What would my day-to-day life look like in my dream job?" and "What if I don't make enough money to replace my current income?" These are great thoughts to have. They work out your inner confusion and anxiety in baby steps while you get used to the idea of leaping off a cliff. Next came the "dipping my toes in" part.

I did this by:

  • Figuring out Squarespace and signing up!
  • Choosing a business name (and then re-choosing a business name!)
  • Choosing a domain name
  • Registering to become an LLC
  • Setting up an IG and FB account for my business
  • Deciding on product offerings & pricing
  • Creating a cohesive aesthetic (colors, fonts, types of images)
  • Starting to create content (podcast episodes, blog posts, IG posts, etc.)
  • Crossing my fingers and hoping someone was interested

I realized pretty quickly that people would respond to me about as much as I responded to them. What I mean by this is that I would get interest from others in equal amount to how much I wrote, shared, and connected with what people want. If I don't do any work on my business for a week or two then I notice very quickly that everything pauses. If I focus daily on my business - even for an hour or two each night - then I receive a steady stream of interest, questions sign-ups for my events, etc. This realization made me fee encouraged. It meant that I had some control over the growth of my business. Maybe I didn't have to cross my fingers and wait! Maybe I could create more interest with intention & strategy.

Pretty soon my income from my business was greater than the income I was receiving from my day job. This was a sign to me that I was headed in the right direction. If I could do that with 10 hours ish a week at nights and on weekends then what could I do if it was my full-time job? That question started to haunt me (in the best of ways). What if? What if? What if???


Taking that leap is a big one. There are no guarantees. 

Turns out I needed a push. My role was shifting in my day job as we brought on a new team of incredible people and rather than creating something new/different I decided to take it as a sign from the universe and do what my gut was telling me to do: jump. It's not easy... especially when you love your boss and your team and the company you work for oh-so-very-much in oh-so-many-ways, but it's my moment and I don't want to miss it because I'm afraid.

I'm sure I'll have days where I'll say to myself, "SELF, WHAT THE HELL???????" But I know that in advance so I already have my response prepared. Would you like to hear it? It goes something like this... *clears throat*... 

"YOU WERE BORN A LEADER, LITTLE LADY. NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE. You are done spending 100% of your time and energy building other people's businesses and playing by their rules and learning their styles and laying awake at night thinking about how you can make them more money. You are now going to do those things for yourself and for the clients you choose to partner with and support. That is it. That is what you want. That is what you are going to create."

I am already thanking my future self for this speech. It's a good one. 

Here's the thing: sometimes you've gotta jump into that damn sprinkle pool. Ya know what I'm sayin'?


Meg Witt