Riding Dragons


When I think of a really amazing mythical version of myself I picture myself as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones only with purple hair. I want to be powerful, self-assured and a quick but empathetic decision maker. I want to rise out of the ashes of my life unscathed and stronger than before. I want to free people from the bondage of their limited thoughts (breaker of chains!) and inspire them to think bigger as they claim territory within their careers and lives.

I want to be comfortable around powerful (fire breathing) creatures and have them call me mother. I want to be a badass with a heart of gold.

Who doesn't?

In reality I'm living a pretty humble little life in Shaker Heights, Ohio with a precocious 5 year old, two cats, two dogs (one of whom is a bulldog with a major belching problem), two step kids, a very messy pantry, and a basement full of laundry. BTW, is there anything worse than opening up the laundry chute only to have 3 feet of clothing land in front of you? This is my life.


There's not a lot of actual dragon riding going on around here but there IS the purple hair courtesy of my amazing hairdresser and I do have love and passion and fire in my life so there's that.

Metaphorically, however, I am on a new path (read about my new path here) that is full of uncertainty and a zillion possible wrong turns. I am moving forward timidly but wanting to be fierce. I am tiptoeing into the unknown actually. It's not all that impressive or inspiring to be honest.

It's just brave in that ordinary kind of way where doing something hard is brave.

Here's one thing I've learned over the years though: bravery is not always flashy. Sometimes it DOES look like a tiptoe. Sometimes it occurs in Shaker Heights, Ohio when I clean out the litter box, fold the laundry, fill my tank with gas and drive my son to the barber. Sometimes it occurs on a Monday morning when I sit down at my computer to clean out my e-mail inbox or take a stab at writing a blog post when I have nothing exciting to say. Are you familiar with this kind of brave?

Doing big things often requires a thousand tiny "not that impressive" things first and often at the same time. Resigning from that job... brave. Saving your money rather than blowing it all at Target... super brave. Admitting to yourself that you don't really want to have another kid and then making the appointment to get the IUD and showing up for said appointment... super duper brave. Living life in a way that is honorable and kind and generous and consistent... almost impossible... so, so, so, very brave.

There are dragons to tame all around us and we are their mothers. We just have to see them for what they are and do the work to make them our vehicle to new heights rather than seeing them as the enemy and allowing them to paralyze us with fear. Once you figure this out, you can climb those beasts and fly off into the sunset with your purple hair blowing in the wind.

You've got this life. You have what it takes to tame your dragons. One small step at a time and you'll have one BIG, BRAVE, THING that's yours.



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PPS - I apologize if you're not a Game of Thrones fan. I may have lost you a little with this blog. ;-)

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