Dream Job


Something I feel exceptionally grateful for are the many dream jobs I've had over the years. I had a job once (I'm not making this up) where I worked in a garage selling really incredible yoga apparel and throwing yoga parties & giving away thousands of dollars of product to fitness instructors so they would help us market our brand. Another part of my job was to take spin, yoga, pilates, run 5k's and do cross fit. All classes were paid for and I was paid TO GO TO THEM. I mean... seriously? I was with that company for two years and ended up managing a team of 30 people in what became a multi-million dollar a year store.

Another cool job I had for many years was working for one of the largest yoga studios in the midwest as their general manager, buyer, and visual display maven. I had unlimited paid time off (again, not a joke) and I was allowed to bring my dog to work! In fact, I was allowed to bring my dog to work at both of the jobs I'm telling you about. I had keys to the studios, obviously, so sometimes I would head in at night to do displays in the boutiques with my dog and my assistant and we would crank Kanye West, order in sliders, and go to town making everything beautiful.

Of course there were aspects of both jobs that required a lot of growing pains as I learned how to be a manager and how to run a business, but overall, I would often pause throughout the day and think, "How is this my actual job?" I was able to employ friends of mine who are super talented and who needed jobs. I was able to use my creativity to grow a brand and increase sales. I was able to create a flexible schedule that worked for my life. I was paid what I was worth and was given amazing perks to boot!

I realize not everyone gets these opportunities and that a lot of luck got me mine. Having said that, I find myself in two dream jobs yet again as I work diligently creating my business, Upspeak, and spend my days supporting The Cleveland Flea as their Managing Director of Events (another dog friendly place!). So it can't be all luck, right? There has to be something else. What is that something else? If I had to guess, I would say it's rooted in my values and the way I have learned to work. I place a very high value on autonomy. I believe a flexible routine creates greater work/life balance and I am not willing to give that up. I look for jobs that give me this and have learned it's a criteria for me to feel fulfilled. It's a non-negotiable at this point.

As far as the way I've learned to work, it looks something like this:

  • put in lots of hard work on the front end to build a process that works and then implement that process as you move forward which creates a weekly routine that's full of ease
  • express a constant desire to learn and grow and be a student when you don't know something
  • treat your leaders with respect (they got you this gig and they know stuff you don't)
  • connect, connect, connect (this roots you in a community and you are quickly indispensable)
  • overdeliver sometimes - hit the ball out of the park - it keeps you excited and growing
  • have integrity (show up on time, do what you say you'll do, treat everyone with fairness)
  • act as an ambassador for the brand 
  • have confidence (know you are valuable!)

Like I said, there was a ton of luck thrown in with every opportunity I have been given, but there's also some intention behind how I pursue the jobs I've had and how I perform within them. For me, it seems like second nature to connect, connect, connect... or to act as a brand ambassador, for instance, but the more I learn about how people operate, the more I realize it doesn't come naturally to everyone to do those things and they are incredibly valuable!

The things that have landed me my dream jobs are the very same things that are delivering me my dream business with Upspeak and they are the things I want to share with you! I want to show you how you can work smarter, not harder. I want you to feel excited about what you're doing for a living and not overwhelmed. I want you to work with ease and not with constant stress.


  • define what's holding you back
  • decide on new "dream job" patterns & behaviors we can create & practice together
  • set clear goals and create an exciting vision for the next year of your business
  • get your finances on track
  • clean up (or create) that website of yours and get it aligned with your vision
  • NAIL social media and marketing as we work hard to convert your fans into customers
  • start the summer with a brand you're excited about and in control of
  • put into practice some super simple tools you can utilize as you move forward and maintain dream job status as you grow

Let's do this business thing, boss ladies! Dream jobs start with a dream but a plan has to quickly follow or we never see the end result. Let's get planning.



Meg Witt