Partner For A Hot Minute


This one's for all of my small business owners and independent contractors who love what they do and loath all of the details.

Give me an amen if any of this applies to you:

  • overwhelm around social media (lack of cohesiveness, inspiration, and/or time & not enough followers)
  • confusion around how to market better (turning your posts, blogs & newsletters into actual sales)
  • feeling lonely in it all (needing a team of people to support you but not being able to afford that)
  • business jealousy (looking at other businesses and crushing so hard on them while you wish yours was better)
  • lack of organization (feeling like you don't know how to get into a routine and cross all your t's and dot all your i's - a never-ending to do list that makes you want to close up shop)
  • a belief that you have an amazing product, but feeling like you can't communicate that to others without sounding 'salesy'
  • needing a shot of motivation and or inspiration to keep going

Here's the deal. EVERYONE who owns their own business feels these things at one time or another. I've worked for and with business owners over the years that struggle to respond to e-mails on a weekly basis (yes, weekly - forget daily!), can't muster the courage to let employees go who are holding their business back, and wish every day that someone else could take care of the details so they can focus on their passion.

This is where Flourish Cleveland steps in. I act as a short-term biz partner for you while we tackle some of the biggest things that are keeping you up at night so you can get past those hurdles and feel like you have actual traction. You don't want a permanent partner. You know you can do it on your own. YOU JUST NEED TO GET PAST THIS ONE (or two, or three...) things and then you'll feel in control again.

I was watching Queer Eye the other night and crying (duh) because it was so moving watching this group of guys truly help people who are feeling a little lost in the world. They go in, roll up their sleeves, and support people who have gotten off track somewhere along the way. Here's the great thing about them: they don't tell their clients everything they're doing wrong, give them a big packet of tools, and then walk away. They actually do the work with them. They clean the house, re-decorate, give them a new wardrobe & teach them how to believe in themselves again (with a lot of hugs thrown in for good measure).

Point being: Upspeak is Queer Eye for business owners. (You get what I'm saying.)

Anywayyyy... here are some ways Upspeak can support you:

  • inventory systems and management 
  • website content & updates
  • easy marketing plan
  • team building
  • organization and time management
  • social media support
  • resume building
  • visual displays
  • budgeting & setting up an LLC, bank account, etc.

Let me be clear: nothing I do is complex. I literally act as your business buddy. I come in and do with you exactly what I do for my own business. We use existing tools. We manage what we have. We decide what inspires us and we figure out ways to do more of it. We get our ducks in a row and jump over some hurdles together so you can regain your first love - living a life of passion and purpose that's not bogged down with a crowded inbox and a million "I should's". OF COURSE anything I do are things you could do yourself. But are you?

If you're anything like me, you have a bunch of fairly easy things to do that for some reason feel SO NOT EASY when you are raising kids, maintaining relationships, paying bills, cleaning the house, walking the dog, Instagraming your cat, etc. - It's not that you aren't smart enough or boss enough to figure it out. You just don't have the time or energy to do it ALL NOW. I get you and I GOT you. I will give you the time you are lacking & I've got the energy to see it through.

If this sounds like something that could support you, fill out the form below and we can chat for FREE at a coffee shop or over the phone and discuss a plan. I work with you ever step of the way to create something designed for you that's actually helpful, affordable, and fast. 

Let me partner with you for a hot minute & we'll be doing some happy dances together in no time.


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