My Biggest Business Secret.


My biggest business secret: There's no way around the hard work.

There just isn't. I don't believe it has to drain you 24/7 or that you should be a slave to your job. I do not. Having said that, I do believe there's a certain level of commitment and day-in-day-out hustle that IS required and is a pre-requisite for success. There's definitely some magic thrown in there too, but all in all: it's the work that delivers the dream. I know that isn't inspiring. I know it's a giant "boooooo..." but it's the truth and I know you rely on me for that, right? I won't sugar-coat the things I believe you need to hear. I'll always tell it to you straight.

When I'm working with clients who aren't growing in their business after months and months go by, I usually evaluate whether one of two things are going on: 1) They are focusing on the wrong things. 2) They are not focusing enough on the right things... aka: they aren't being efficient with their time or they simply aren't spending enough of it on the right stuff.

The "right stuff" includes things like 1) keeping their website updated, fresh, and compelling with new content weekly and easy access to "learn more" and "buy now" pages 2) consistent weekly posting on their social feeds in the ways I've taught them how to be most effective 3) consistent, quality, newsletters and/or blog posts 4) detailed organization of behind-the-scenes stuff like client pipelines, inventory, testimonials, finances, and more 5) laser sharp intention around sales (sales, sales, sales)

I know it's not sexy, but when someone asked me the other day, "What did you spend most of your time doing when you first launched your business?" My answers was, "Perfecting my website over and over and spreadsheets." This is why I'm a big fan of that t-shirt that was circulating the internet last week that said, "I'm a boss in the streets and a freak in the spreadsheets". Pretty much nails it.

There’s no substitute for putting in daily work on your business. Yes. DAILY. If spending a few hours a day on your business seems overwhelming then you probably aren’t ready. Yes; there are exceptions. You are probably not the exception.


If learning new technology or systems is overwhelming and makes your eyes glaze over then again: you may not be ready. If spending money on your business feels like a buzz kill every time and not like an exciting investment in your dream then… you guessed it. Maybe not your time?

I’m assuming I’ll get pushback on this because people love to give me pushback (love to my pushbackers!!!) but I’m going for it anyhow because I honestly believe it’s true. You just can’t skate through a successful launch and first year(s). You can’t. It takes rolling up your sleeves, putting on your shit-kicking boots and grabbing a damn plough. You will sweat. It will feel tiring. You will cry. You will want to quit. You will “feel all the feels” as they say. It will be scary and you will have to continue anyway.

The majority of my clients totally get this and totally do this. They are chasing their dreams with gusto and not looking back. A few, however, are hoping and praying it could be less work, less discomfort, less money, less “DOING”. They are hoping success knocks on their door one of these days. Sadly, this rarely happens. I tend to find that my business gives back to me in direct proportion to how much I give to it. If I slack all month on marketing or creating content then guess what happens? Yep. Interest goes down. Less DM’s. Less people reaching out on my contact page. Less referrals. Less of everything. When I have laser sharp focus on my goals and I put the consistent work in to achieve them: BAM. More connections, more growth, more money.

I do wish I could convey this better to people. I’m not sure anyone really believes me when I say, “Do the work and trust.” Either they don’t believe me or they just skip over the “Do the work” part and focus only on the “trust” part. You need both to succeed.

If you believed me that your results would tie directly to your work (and fast!) would you do more of the “right” work?

Here’s a challenge for you: Spend the next 30 days focused 100% on your business.

  • Think about it every day and work on it every day.

  • Write a blog and a newsletter every week.

  • Post on social every day.

  • Make sure your website is updated, fresh, and clear.

  • Invest money into something you know you need to up your game (maybe a photoshoot for content, a new website, or a coaching call).

  • Track your results every Sunday night.

  • Start the month with clear goals (pick 3 specific growth goals like: make $5,000, increase IG followers by 100, launch and sell 10 seats to an online class).

  • Each week when you check in on your results, notice what’s working and what’s not and then adjust IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait. Be open and flexible with your strategy. I sometimes trash stuff overnight when I feel like it’s not working. I listen to my clients and I mold my services and message to support them as long as it’s consistent with my values and mission.

  • Listen to The Gold Digger podcast EVERY SINGLE DAY of the 30 days. There are over 200 so you can pick 30 that peak your interest. Put it on in the car and dedicate your drive time to business education.

  • When you write down your results each week, also right down the stuff that’s overwhelming you or any areas where you feel stuck. At the end of the month you’ll have a list of “what worked”, “what didn’t work”, “what I need more of” and “what I learned”. My prediction is that you will also have more inquiries, more engagement, and more money.

Are you in?

Tag your posts about this 30 Day Challenge with #endingtheyearlikeagirlboss I can’t wait to support you every step of the way!!! DM me on IG with questions or email me at:

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