$3,000 in 5 Days


Think of money as a constantly expanding resource.

+ not as one that you need to hoard +

Hello My Love,

Obviously you’re a very important person. That much is clear. But do you treat yourself and your business (or business idea) as though it’s super important? Like high class, luxury, whoa-that’s-so-glam level of importance???

I know, I know. It’s hard to think of your business that way when you feel like it’s a constant struggle to get sales and you’re confused about your branding and you can’t even begin to think about the back end organization. There’s not enough coffee in the world to make that task seem doable…

But here’s the thing: your poverty mindset is likely what’s getting in the way of your success. I mean… there’s a good chance.

Say WHAAAAAAAAA??? Poverty mindset??? C’mon, Meg. That sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Also, mindsets aren’t that powerful. Puh-lease.

Well… here’s the thing. Poverty is complex. It’s often generational. There are systems in place that hold people back and those systems are big and powerful. To pretend like poverty is always a mindset is ridiculous. I agree. BUT. BUTTTTTTT… In some cases… possibly in YOUR case… you are not being held back by systems keeping you down. You are being held back by your god damn thoughts. You have support. You have money for things (other things… not your business…). You have skills. You have passion. You have resources. It’s your THOUGHTS that are the final hurdle. They are quite possibly the thing standing between you doing “meh” and you doing “HOLY SHIT” amazing.

If this is you then you probably know that it’s you. We usually know the truth when we see it/hear it/feel it.

So what do we DO about it?

Step one: Recognize that this is a thing in your life. Here’s how you know: You think about money as a scarce resource. There’s never enough of it. Others only have it because they’re inherently bad (read: dishonest) somehow. You’re constantly stuck in thinking, “Someday maybe…” rather than living from a space of “Let’s do this!" and then figuring it out. You look down on people who are doing better than you. You may even think poor = morally superior. I’ve talked to many, many people who fit into this category. They think it’s actually noble that they don’t have disposable income. You find yourself constantly saying, “I can’t afford it” or “I don’t have the money”. Does any of this describe you? If the answer is a resounding “yes” then you may have a poverty mentality.

Step two: Understand why this way of thinking is harmful. When you go through life constantly talking about your LACK, a few things happen. 1) You believe yourself fully and accept it. Nothing ever changes. Your brain just goes into “That’s true” mode and validates your constant confession. This holds you back from shifting into a place of greater financial freedom. 2) Others believe you fully and accept it. They stay away from making connections, offering you services, wanting to partner with you on things, etc. because they believe “She isn’t ready.” Also - and this is me being brutally honest - people feel like you aren’t serious about your business or that you’re not operating efficiently when you constantly talk about not having money. It’s a real buzz kill/not inspiring and it makes people feel obligated to give you things for free or cut you deals because they feel bad. In short, it can take your power away. ***side note & reminder: this does not apply to marginalized people who are held down by systemic sexism, racism, etc. Helping those who are truly in need is what we are called to do as human beings who are living from a place of love. ALSO: asking for help when you need it is brave and real and fucking necessary. I am speaking here specifically to people who are not dealing with actual poverty and all that goes with it but rather people who are getting in their own way by a consistent way of thinking that does not support their action but instead excuses their lack of it.

Step three: Practice shifting. Catch yourself when you’re complaining about money or confessing your lack of it for the millionth time to someone who really doesn’t need to hear the details of your financial situation. Catch yourself and stop yourself. Replace, “I can’t afford it” with “That’s not a priority for me right now” or “I don’t have the money or I would…” with “I am unwilling to make that money right now but that may change in the future.” This gives you your power back. It is also a far more honest way to talk about your situation. If you are taking trips, buying groceries at fancy grocery stores, paying for a nice car each month, going to yoga or yoga trainings, buying unnecessary things like Starbucks or Sephora make-up or new clothes… then it’s entirely possible that you have the money but are unwilling to spend it on something different then what you’re used to. When something comes up that you want to invest in for your business or personal health/well-being and your first thought is, “I would if I could…” then ask yourself, “What am I saying yes to that if I were to say NO to would give me the money to do this thing?” Maybe it’s eating out. Maybe it’s that expensive dye job. Maybe it’s your gym membership (running is free!). Maybe it’s Amazon movies. Maybe it’s going out drinking. I don’t know. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have those things. I’m just saying: get real about whether or not you actually don’t have disposable income. Maybe it’s just going to other things that you think are necessary when they really aren’t. The way you talk about money can change how you think about money. So practice thinking about it as more of an expandable resource (you can always make/create more!) rather than as a finite amount that you have to hoard.

Step four: Make a decision about where you want to invest so that you are able to make more money and create more opportunities for yourself. You want your business to succeed. I totally get it! What are you NOT doing that could help you with that? Are you investing your time and money into things that could pay off times 10 in the long run? No? Why not? You have to have vision when you are growing a business. Vision and the willingness to take risks. I can’t tell you that it will succeed if you do. That’s not a guarantee anyone can give you. I can tell you, however, that it will NOT succeed if you don’t. If you refuse to invest, ask for help, pay for support, and take risks, then your business will fail. It just will. There’s no way around it. Successful business owners will all tell you: you have to take risks without guarantees in order to grow.

It will feel uncomfortable. You won’t feel 100% ready. You still have to do it.

Things I was not ready for that I did anyway to grow my business:

  1. Bought a laptop.

  2. Quit my day job.

  3. Hired a team.

  4. Bought a logo.

  5. Talked with a life coach.

  6. Paid a photographer to take professional photos (many times!).

  7. Paid for software like Honeybook, Quickbooks, Pixieset, Canva and more!

I was so not ready for literally any of those things. I did them anyway. They were risky. They stretched me financially. They were downright terrifying. Every single one of those decisions was worth it though because they all contributed to my business growth.

I have a business now that supports me and helps support my team because I made those choices before I was 100% ready. Not so long ago I made a goal with Tessa for us to make $3,000 in 10 days. I think we achieved it in 5-7 and we actually over-achieved it. I wanted to invest in something that I didn’t have disposable income for so I made a goal to create some disposable income.

As a small business owner, guess what? YOU CAN DO THAT! You are in control of how, when, where, and what you sell and you can make audacious goals for yourself, create a plan to achieve them, invest in the plan, and BAM! Make your dreams come true.

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s cheap. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed. I’m saying it’s possible. I’m creating possibility for you. I’m painting a picture for you of what your business can be. It can be a business that takes care of you. It can support you. It can lift you up. It can give you opportunities to do what you love and what you’re great at. It can connect you to incredible people. It can teach you how to be a leader with guts and a leader with compassion and a leader who is up to big and daring things!

It can be your dream job if you take risks, invest fully, and are willing to change your mindset.

Abundance is not something you’re born understanding. You have to cultivate an understanding of it - just like you cultivated your poverty mentality. It takes time. It takes saying, “Oh shit… I spent $100 at Starbucks last month. If I don’t do that this month then I can afford a photoshoot!” It takes saying, “Wow! I spent $150 on fitness classes and events last month. I need to focus on working out at home more and then maybe I can buy those gorgeous business cards I want!”

It’s choices. Choices, choices, choices.

Maybe it’s, “No matter how I cut it, I have not extra money beyond paying my bills and buying food. I need a second job for a season to earn a little extra cash that will go into savings so I can invest in my business on the front end.” Maybe it’s, “I need to actively sell my services every single day for the next 30 days on all of my platforms even though it’s so painful for me to do so because I like to hide…”

I don’t know what the obstacle is that you need to overcome to see your business thrive but I do know that a huge piece of it starts in your brain with how you are thinking and talking about money. Let’s create abundance and kick poverty mentality’s ass.

Are you in?



Meg Witt