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Hi, I’m Meg!


Hi, I’m Meg!

I’m the founder of Six Figs, a business designed to support female entrepreneurs in taking their business dream to six figures. I’m so glad you are here! Six Figs is for female entrepreneurs who have all of their basic business ducks in a row and are now looking to focus on PROFIT.

In December of 2017 I started my business as a side hustle but I was determined to make it work. Three months in I resigned from my day job and replaced my income my first month working for myself full-time (with a raise!). I plugged away, learned so much, and tweaked my services and brand again and again and again to make it feel more like me.

at the year and a half mark I had generated six figures and was ready to show others how to do the same. I dropped every service I built my business on (web design, general business coaching, and brand photography) to focus on ONE THING that I love and am better at than the rest: sales coaching!

So here we are, loves! My business has gone to a whole new level in terms of sales, results, and the zen work weeks of my dreams since making this decision. Let me show you how to do the same! Are you ready to grow??? Let’s get you to six and multiple six figs FAST.

xo, Meg